My Journey with Auto GPT: An AI Personal Assistant Experiment

Diving Deeper into the World of AI Personal Assistants. Are they really worth the hype or…
Well, you can decide for yourself in this article.


As an avid technology enthusiast and a firm believer in the potential of artificial intelligence, I embarked on an experiment with Auto GPT. My goal was to create a persona for an AI Personal Assistant (AIPA) and test its capabilities in growing my brand, Banugat, a distinguished British wristwatch brand. In this blog post, I’ll share my intentions for this experiment, the challenges I faced, and my key findings.

The AIPA Persona:

I designed the AIPA persona with specific goals in mind, such as increasing brand awareness, securing guest appearances, and collaborating with industry influencers. The tasks were set to be achievable within 30 minutes or less, and the AIPA was given a budget of £314/month to optimize results.

My Findings:

Despite my initial excitement, I quickly realized that Auto GPT‘s capabilities might not be as advanced as I had hoped. Nonetheless, I remained optimistic and decided to experiment with different approaches. I broke down my goals further and gave explicit instructions using GPT-4. Surprisingly, the AI not only exceeded the 30-minute time limit, but it also completed the tasks in just over 4 hours. Below are my experiment’s goals and their respective results.

Goal 1: Intention: Increase brand awareness through effective social media marketing.

Goal 2: Intention: Secure guest appearances for Banugat representatives on relevant podcasts. Result:

Goal 3: Intention: Identify potential collaborators for guest blogging opportunities.

Goal 4: Intention: Write a structured report on the plan of execution.

Yes, exactly! no report.

Goal 5: Intention: Save the marketing plan and strategies file and shut down.

One concern that often arises when discussing Auto GPT is the cost associated with using the technology. While it’s true that some users have complained about its expense, I found that my experiment did not break the bank, and it was definitely worth the try. Despite any reservations, I encourage everyone to give it a shot as a way to prepare for the innovations that are just around the corner. Embracing AI technology today will pave the way for even more groundbreaking advancements in the future.

To Conclude:

Although Auto GPT did not fully meet my expectations, this experiment taught me valuable lessons about utilizing AI’s capabilities more effectively. By breaking down goals and giving explicit instructions, I was able to make better use of GPT-4, even if the results were not as prompt as I had hoped. The future of AI personal assistants is undeniably bright, and I look forward to witnessing further advancements in this domain.

Keep in mind that this technology is continuously evolving, and I’m confident that, with time, AI assistants like Auto GPT will become even more powerful and efficient.

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