Banugat Manjello

Discover the Artistry of Banugat Manjello: A Fusion of Bespoke Luxury, Timeless Art, and Sustainability.


When art and luxury come together, they create something extraordinary – the Banugat Manjello Collection. A tribute to the unparalleled genius of the Renaissance master Michelangelo, this collection offers a unique blend of artistic design, exceptional craftsmanship, and innovative technology. In this blog post, we invite you to dive into the captivating world of Banugat’s Manjello Collection and explore what sets it apart in the realm of luxury watches.

The Inspiration Behind the Manjello Collection

The Manjello Collection draws inspiration from the remarkable works of Michelangelo, one of the most influential artists in history. His innovative approach to art and his exceptional craftsmanship have left a lasting impact on the world. With the Manjello Collection, Banugat aims to encapsulate the essence of Michelangelo’s artistry through intricate designs and unparalleled attention to detail.

The Art of Bespoke Services

At the heart of the Banugat experience lies our commitment to bespoke services. Each timepiece in the Manjello Collection tells a unique story, reflecting the imaginative and transcendent artistry of Michelangelo. As a proud owner of a Banugat Manjello watch, you will receive an exclusive non-fungible token (NFT) that authenticates your timepiece and grants you access to a captivating digital book and audiobook. This personalized story, set in Italy, draws on Michelangelo’s artistry and influence while connecting you, the watch wearer, to his legacy.

Embracing Sustainability

Banugat is dedicated to promoting sustainability and responsible luxury. Our watches are paired with NFTs that verify ownership and provide exclusive access to our brand’s services. Additionally, we offer a lending platform that allows customers to borrow watches, reducing environmental impact and fostering a sense of community among collectors and enthusiasts.

A Fusion of Art and Watchmaking

The Manjello Collection showcases Banugat’s dedication to fusing art and watchmaking. Each timepiece is carefully crafted, featuring Swiss Automatic Movements and intricate designs that pay homage to Michelangelo’s masterpieces. With every glance at your Manjello watch, you’ll be reminded of the exquisite artistry and innovation that inspired its creation.


Banugat’s Manjello Collection is a testament to our commitment to offering unique, luxurious timepieces that combine art, craftsmanship, and sustainability. As you explore the captivating world of the Manjello Collection, we’re confident that you’ll appreciate the intricate designs, exceptional quality, and personalized experience that define the Banugat brand. Discover the art of time with the Manjello Collection and carry a piece of history on your wrist.

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