Sustainability Practices

Watches from this collection will come with their own NFTs paired to them. These NFTs not only provide you with ownership verification, they also provide you with exclusive access to the services our brand offers. 

We believe quality should not come at the cost of sustainability. We believe you should only create what you want to consume. We offer bespoke services as well as our lending platform to borrow one of our watches. Liquidity will be provided by both our brand and other collectors in our community.



Our collections
All our collections will b limited in quantity & can bee verified on the blockchain using the Polygon network. After Purchase, your Watch’s NFT will be automatically send to the Polygon wallet address provided at checkout.

Additional Services
Lending Platform: The purpose of our lending platform is to allow sustainability conscious watch lovers to enjoy wearing our collections without the need to own them. 

Wrist watch liquidity can be provided by our brand as well as other verified owners of our watches.

Bespoke Service: As a commitment to our sustainability goals of      further   enforcing    our belief to only produce what is needed.


Brand & Blockchain


Many experts assert that the blockchain industry has become a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. This is why we are using Polygon to power our NFTs. Solana blockchain is a proof-of-stake network, which is more environmentally friendly than proof-of-work networks.

As well as providing a way for sustainable shoppers to buy our watches, we’re also making our world more accessible to fashion borrowers. With NFTs integrated into our watches, customers can take full advantage of what we have to offer.

Pioneering the use of different technologies to fix different issues in the fashion industry.  Powered by Non-Fungible Tokens, our latest collections (The ‘Founders’ Collection) will add a layer of verifiable ownership and authenticity to our watches. With this, we will also be increasing access to sustainable fashion lovers, in particular, fashion borrowers.