Welcome to Banugat’s distinguished Collections, where artistry meets innovation. Delve into our enchanting “Homage” series, honoring iconic artists, and the esteemed “Founders” collection, epitomizing watchmaking excellence. Revisit our past limited-edition collections, now fully realized in their limited runs, and trace the journey of our ageless masterpieces. Experience the perfect blend of technology and luxury as you obtain a Digital Certificate for your Banugat watch, reinforcing its authenticity and distinctiveness. Step into the realm of Banugat, and let our collections resonate and enthrall you.

Homage Collections

Discover the enchanting Homage collections, where Banugat celebrates the genius of iconic artists Banksy and Michelangelo. These specially curated timepieces embody the spirit and essence of these creative legends, combining exquisite design with intricate craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the artistic world of Banugat’s Homage collections, where each watch tells a captivating story inspired by the masterpieces of Banksy and Michelangelo.


Founders Collections

Introducing the exceptional Founder’s collections, where each unique series embodies a distinct inspiration and purpose. Embrace the Renaissance collection, designed to inspire reinvention and personal growth, while the Candy Ways collection caters to the adventurous spirits and explorers among us. Finally, the Gobble series celebrates the go-getters, urging you to seize life’s opportunities with confidence and style. Delve into Banugat’s Founder’s collections and find the perfect timepiece that resonates with your individual journey and aspirations.

Celestial Rhythms Collections

Introducing the enthralling Celestial Rhythms collection, featuring the captivating Day & Night series. Banugat has skillfully designed this collection to honor the natural ebb and flow of life, bringing the essence of daylight and twilight to your wrist. Each timepiece showcases art inspired by the splendor of dawn or the intrigue of dusk, while seamlessly blending conventional watch designs with subtle elements that reflect the collection’s spirit. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing Day & Night series and let the Celestial Rhythms collection inspire you with its elegance and timeless charm.

Collections You Have Missed

Discover the “Collections You Have Missed,” a captivating showcase of Banugat’s previous limited-edition series that have reached their maximum circulation. This exclusive retrospective offers a glimpse into the creative evolution and heritage of our brand, reflecting the artistic prowess and craftsmanship behind each unique timepiece. Explore the artistry and innovation of these bygone collections and appreciate the legacy of Banugat’s exceptional designs that continue to inspire and captivate watch enthusiasts worldwide.


The Banugat Homage Collection is a series of limited-edition wristwatches inspired by iconic artists like Banksy and Michelangelo. Each timepiece is uniquely designed, celebrating the spirit and creativity of these legendary artists while showcasing Banugat’s dedication to art and culture.

To maintain the quality and performance of your Banugat watch, it’s important to clean it regularly using a soft cloth and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, and magnetic fields. For more detailed information, please refer to the care instructions provided with your watch.

Banugat ships its watches worldwide, using reputable carriers to ensure safe and timely delivery. After placing an order, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information to monitor your shipment’s progress.

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