Ensuring Authenticity and Ownership

Digital Certificate for Authenticity and Ownership

At Banugat, we’re committed to ensuring the authenticity and security of your timepiece. Leveraging the power of Digital Certificates (NFTs) and NFC technology, we provide a seamless way to confirm your watch’s provenance and safeguard your investment.

How to Verify Your Banugat Watch:

  1. Every Banugat watch is paired with its unique Digital Certificate.
  2. Scan the case back of the watch using an NFC-enabled smartphone.
  3. Ensure the Digital Certificate displayed after scanning corresponds with the one provided during purchase.
  4. Confirm the creator’s address of the Digital Certificate aligns with Banugat’s official address.
  5. Match the creator’s address from the NFC scan with our official address.

When all these steps align, you can be assured of the authenticity and rightful ownership of your Banugat watch. Should you find any discrepancies or need further assistance, please reach out to us immediately. Your trust and peace of mind are paramount to us.

Where you can find NFC Tag

Our Official Creator’s Address is:
Solana: 5dtyvp9CXAd4fhcYJkxGUupZiVf8Tqs3TSUHEFANuEsS
Ethereum: Coming Soon!
Polygon: Comming Soon!

Scan NFC on the case back to verify the watch’s authenticity.