How It Works

Some things to keep in mind.
  • Don’t purchase a Banugat Watch without it’s NFT (They come as a pair).
  • Use your NFC-enabled smartphone to scan the case back of the watch you’re about to purchase. 
  • Is the NFT at the web address displayed after scanning identical to the one being sold to you?
  • Does the creator’s address on the NFT being sold to you match our official creator’s address?
  • Does the creator’s address on the NFC scanned match our creator’s address?
  • If they are all a match, you’re safe. Otherwise, speak to us.

Where you can find NFC Tag

Our Official Creator’s Address is: 5dtyvp9CXAd4fhcYJkxGUupZiVf8Tqs3TSUHEFANuEsS

Scan NFC on the case back to verify the watch’s authenticity.