Short-Term Goals (Next 6-12 Months)

Retailer Engagement: We will secure partnerships with high-end retailers, particularly in the Jewellery Quarter. We’ll offer them exclusive regional deals and tiered discount structures to incentivize bulk orders.

Strategic Partnerships: We’re planning to form initial partnerships with car dealerships and art galleries. We’ll implement strategy for giveaway partnerships, especially when art pieces our brand resonates with are sold.

Digital Certificates: We will roll out blockchain-powered digital certificates for each watch sold. With emphasise on these being value-added features rather than the main attraction.

Customer Loyalty Programs: We’ll introduce a basic rewards program to incentivize repeat purchases and referrals from our customers.

Website and Branding: We’ll update our website and potentially release a press release to announce new features or partnerships. We’ll ensure that our branding is cohesive and professional across all platforms.

Initial Marketing Campaigns: We’ll use targeted advertising to promote our brand and any new partnerships. We’ll allocate a dedicated budget for each campaign to maximize its impact.


Long-Term Goals (1-3 Years)

Global Expansion: We’ll leverage our international connections to expand into luxury retail stores worldwide.

Smartwatch Integration: We’re planning to develop a new collection of smartwatches with unique features like AR storytelling (i.e. enhancing Manjello collection’s existing story telling offering) and LED sync for authenticity.

Collaborative Collections: We’ll partner with renowned artists to create limited-edition watches, potentially showcased in art galleries.

C2B Marketplace: We’ll introduce a customer to retailer marketplace for well vetted transactions of sales and rental features on our marketplace, allowing for a more dynamic community around our brand.

Advanced Customer Loyalty Programs: We’ll enhance our rewards program by integrating it with our digital certificate system, offering unique digital assets as rewards.

Lifestyle Packages: We’ll expand our bundled offers with more strategic partners, including high-end resorts, airlines, or even Michelin-starred restaurants for unique experiences.