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Welcome to the Banugat watch design trial experience! Here, you can test our watch design generation tool with a limited number of image generations. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Describe your watch design (e.g., “Gold watch, white dial, blue hands”) in the text box below.
  2. Click “Generate” to create a visual of your design.
  3. Review and modify the design as needed. Click “Generate” again for new designs (note the limited number of trials).
  4. Click “Save” for your desired watch design.

To access more image generations and our bespoke service, purchase a Banugat Watch or NFT. With purchase, you’ll gain access to the bespoke page, where you can generate more designs, send us your bespoke watch concepts for a free redesign, and have your unique timepiece manufactured.

Generate Inspiration

NOTEAdd as many details as possible to your prompt to increase your chances of getting the best result. This is a free trial tool.


Sorry, this tool is not available on mobile devices and tablets yet. Log back in on a desktop or laptop.

Generations are limited to approximately 20 watches. For more generations, you can either purchase a Banugat Watch or NFT

Remember to save your design to your device. You will need to add it to your service request form.